The perfect combination of famous parents. What does Brad and Angelina’s only biological daughter look like?


The youngest – and after Shiloh decided to undergo hormonal treatment for gender reassignment, Angelina Jolie’s only biological daughter is now 12 years old. Despite the fact that her mother tries to defend her from the media in every possible way, it is clear that she is growing into a great beauty.

From the moment Angelina Jolie got together with actor Brad Pitt, it was clear that they did not want to share their privacy with the public. Shortly before her most famous relationship, she went through tumultuous romances and marriages, which became the center of the media. After adopting a boy from Cambodia during the filming of Tomb Raider, a similar scenario was repeated a few months later – this time, however, she decided to adopt a child with Brad, specifically Zahar from Ethiopia, who suspected AIDS.

Before long, the Jolie-Pitt family began to grow – shortly after the adoption, Angelina gave birth to her first daughter, Shiloh. However, as it turned out later, she never felt like a girl and from an early age she was more inclined to boyish behavior. Later, another adopted child joined the family, a boy of Vietnamese origin named Pax. Just shortly after the couple managed to bring the child to the United States, the couple announced a happy news – Angelina was again in joyful anticipation.

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The most watched children without social networks

Angelina decided to give birth in France for unknown reasons. The family spent the last month before giving birth in sunny Nice, where they were already looking forward to the arrival of the twins. Not only them, but also the media themselves, which have decided to take a historic step. The first film of the twins Knox and Vivienne was bought by People magazine for an incredible $ 14 million, which is today the highest purchase of photos.

However, there is information about Vivienne or her brother Knox. From that moment on, Angelina guards them like an eye in her head, even more than Shiloh, who is already called John at home. “I respect their privacy, ‘She still spoke sternly, adding that, like her, her children did not use any social networks. It tries not only to protect them, but also to point out that real life takes place outside of technology. “I’m not on Facebook and Instagram and so are my children. None of them are even interested in it. With probably the last family to work this way, ” revealed to the BBC. The beautiful actress is so sure that everything that comes to the public about her children will be directly from her. After breaking up with Brad, she is currently raising children.

Little actress

However, despite her best interest in children, she does not hide them from the world. Angelina, especially with her daughter Vivienne, goes shopping from time to time, and according to the paparazzi photos, it can be seen that her youngest daughter is close to her mother – she is always by her side and does not hesitate to hold her hand even at the age of 12. To make matters worse, Vivienne was allowed by her mother to take part in the filming of Maleficient, where she even played a small role. The adorable girl appeared in a short scene depicting little Ruženka. “It simply came to our notice then. Vivienne got the job because she was the only girl who didn’t cry when she looked at Angelina in a horned costume, ‘‘the filming man told the foreign media.

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It is not yet known whether Vivienne will choose the same path as her famous parents. “We think it’s fun for our children to take them on set and they can be a part of it, but not explicitly be actors. That’s not the goal for me and Brad. I think we’d both be happier if they didn’t take the acting path, ” revealed at the official press conference of the mentioned film Jolie. However, whether he can deny acting talent is questionable. Not only Vivienne’s parents, but also grandparents have acting in their blood – grandfather Jon Voight or Angelina’s late mother, Marcheline Bertrand. By the way, Vivienne has her middle name after her.


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