The Pole rushed with the truck along the D5 motorway in the opposite direction, vomiting in front of the police


“First he drove around the dishwasher along such a back road. We already noticed that. Then he drove in the opposite direction to the motorway exit, where he stopped. We thought he probably got it. But after a while he started again, I called it. to the police, “the operator of the gas station in Beroun described the beginning of the whole event.

Shortly afterwards, at least six other drivers called the emergency line of Central Bohemian police officers, who warned the Pole in the opposite direction. However, the driver did not even drive to the nearest exit at the 22nd kilometer near Králové Dvůr. He just passed the exit and continued in the opposite direction to Pilsen, but in the lane leading to Prague.

He refused the test for alcohol and drugs

“On the emergency line, we received several announcements from passing drivers. Police managed to stop the truck on the 24.5 kilometers of the D5 motorway. The car was driven by a foreigner who refused to undergo a breath test for alcohol and a drug test,” police spokeswoman Michaela Richterová told Novinka. .

In addition, the driver threw up after getting out of the truck. Police detained him on the spot.

“We are now dealing with the case on suspicion of a crime of general endangerment,” the spokeswoman added.

The truck was marked by a light arrow. A specialized company was to take care of his towing.


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