The presence of the coronavirus was confirmed in a person from the pope’s residence, he is in quarantine


The Vatican reported that an unnamed person living in the same Vatican residence as Pope Francis was found to have a coronavirus. The latest case follows a few days after 11 positively tested members of the Swiss Guard, who protect the pontiff.

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The infected person according to “Holy stool” in the meantime she has temporarily moved out of the pope’s residence and remains in quarantine. The same regulation had to be accepted by all those who came into direct contact with the infected person.

The residence serves Vatican priests, other clergy and ordinary people. Pope Francis decided to live there permanently immediately after his election to office in 2013, as he wanted to be closer to ordinary people. The residence has a communal dining room and a chapel where Francis serves Mass every morning.

In the Vatican, in connection with the coronavirus, everyone must wear a veil indoors and outdoors, even though the pope himself has so far avoided it. At the age of 83, however, he belongs to the risk group of the population, especially when, as a young man at the age of twenty, he had to remove part of his lungs. However, doctors have claimed in the past that missing lung tissue does not have a significant effect on his health.


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