The protest of hooligans in front of the government office will have an end


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                    Bratislava police have started prosecuting them for attacking a public official during an emergency.  The charges have not yet been brought against the individual, and the police are continuing the investigation. 
                </p><div id="remaining-article"><p>The Regional Directorate of the Police Force (PZ) in Bratislava informs about it on the social network in connection with the gathering of football ultras fans in front of the Office of the Government of the Slovak Republic on Saturday in the capital.

Four members of the police force were injured on the spot on Saturday. The three people who threw cobblestones at the police restricted their personal liberty. Two of them were foreign nationals. “A 22-year-old woman was also restricted in her personal liberty on suspicion of property damage.” the police approached.

During the assembly, audiovisual recordings were made, which the police are currently evaluating in order to document the illegal actions. “After their analysis, the identification of criminally responsible persons will take place and the relevant departments of the Police Force will perform actions aimed at establishing criminal liability for other persons,” they state. The police will provide more information when the situation allows.

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PHOTO: Hooligans protested in front of the government office, the police also used tear gas

Some people were aggressive at the meeting, disturbing public order, endangering other participants and also attacking members of the PZ, the police explain. It therefore used coercive means to restore public order.

Ultras fans protested in front of the Office of the Government of the Slovak Republic on Saturday. They demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Igor Matovič (OĽANO), and at the same time did not agree with measures against the spread of the new coronavirus. Police intervened against them, using tear gas and water cannons. Several people were detained and several were injured.

Participants in a protest in front of the Office of the Government of the Slovak Republic in Bratislava.

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