The protest turned into a battle. Police in Prague deployed water cannons


Hundreds of people who demonstrated in Prague against government measures on Sunday are due to disperse. As the protesters did not comply with the current anti-virus measures, the organizers closed the meeting.

The situation subsequently worsened and thousands of police officers intervene in the center of the Czech capital. They also used water cannons to disperse the crowd. They also report injuries. The news portal informed about it.

Police have repeatedly called on protesters to leave the Old Town Square where the demonstration took place.

Heavily infested people also intervene on the spot. There is a lot of smoke in the streets and various objects fly through the air, including paving stones or bottles, writes

Police detained 16 people in Prague’s Old Town Square before the demonstration began. She found pyrotechnics, batons and weapons, including a pistol.

The demonstration took place at a time when more than six people were banned from gathering in the Czech Republic. Most of the protesters did not cover their noses and mouths and did not keep a safe distance. The crowd also chanted slogans against members of the government.

According to the Minister of the Interior Jan Hamáček, the organizer of the protest could face a large fine.

Hamáček called on the participants to proceed calmly and to follow the rules. He said on Friday that, according to police information, the intention may be to peacefully demonstrate the abuse of football hooligans.


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