The Slovak government commissioned the army to carry out comprehensive testing


Next weekend, pilot testing will take place in the districts of Tvrdošín, Námestovo and Dolný Kubín in Orava, where the epidemiological situation is the worst. The district of Bardejov in the east of the country will also be attached to them.

Slovakia has ordered 13 million antigen tests for comprehensive testing. This test can be evaluated within 15 minutes, it is cheaper but less accurate.

Area testing is called Operation Shared Responsibility. “We will deploy all available soldiers and police officers to fulfill this task,” said Slovak Minister of Defense Jaroslav Naď. Government officials said the success of the event was based on the willingness of people to cooperate and participate in this testing.

Prime Minister Igor Matovic said that he would consider it a great success if 80 percent of the population of Slovakia took part in comprehensive testing. “Only the army can carry out comprehensive testing of Slovaks,” the Prime Minister added.

The chairmen of the Freedom and Solidarity coalition parties, Richard Sulík and We are the Boris Kollár family, also supported the comprehensive testing with their personal participation in a government press conference.

In Slovakia, 1567 new cases of covid-19 were recorded on Saturday and four people died. There are 520 patients with confirmed covid-19 in the hospitals, of which 20 in the ICU and 51 in the pulmonary ventilation. A total of 29,835 people have been tested positively in the country so far, and 92 people have died with coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic in Slovakia.


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