The soldiers are preparing a field hospital in Letany. They carry the dog 80 lek Home


Hradec Krlov On Saturday, the soldiers began loading two field hospitals in warehouses in Hradec Krlov. With their help armda figures in the hall in the cracks of Letany, an elephant medical zazen for patients with covid-19. The staff will be fully ready for operation on June 25 at 4:00 pm, Ladislav Lechta, director of the Military Medical Agency, told the newspaper.

We will load the equipment and materials of the 6th and 7th field hospitals so that we can build and start providing care in case of need, said Lechta.

Soldiers will take ten intensive and 80 standard drugs, opera units, intensive care units, laboratories and X-rays to Prague, as well as ten valve stations of intensive care units. In the containers are thus medical devices, furniture and put equipped.


The first forefront to prepare the premises will leave Hradec on Sunday morning. The main column will leave on Monday at 8:00. According to the talks of General Armda R Magdalena Dvokov, from Monday to Friday, convoys of field hospital vehicles ranging in size from ten to 20 vehicles will run from the Military Medical Agency in Hradec Krlov. In the columns there will be trucks with loading equipment, ambulances, buses or cars.

The hospital’s equipped elephant will also receive the State Mass Reserve, which will supply over 300 drugs. Armda has about 200 paramedics and another 60 people available for technical support.

Poln Hospital was used in the past, for example, in Afghanistan. According to Lechta, some of its segments are permanently used in foreign operations. Soldiers exercise regularly with field hospitals and keep them in good condition. st poln hospital was deployed in 2017 in Mosul, Ireland, put st is still in Kbul. In both cases, the piblin was 20 pslunks of field surgical darkness, Dvokov said.

According to a recent statement by the Minister of Health Roman Prymula (for YES), the field hospital in Letany will be a crime and may not be used. The capacity of stone hospitals will be increased. However, Stt should not risk being an elephant of capacity at a time when the number of patients has jumped. The field hospital would be designed for patients with me called me.


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