The state could have violated the law on procurement when buying tests, they claim Together


The tests should also be delivered by a company that has a debt on social insurance.

Oct 18, 2020 at 9:00 AM TASR

BRATISLAVA. The state has concluded a contract for the purchase of tests for general testing of the population with a company that has arrears in the Social Insurance Agency (SP). This is claimed by the non-parliamentary party Together.

The state has signed a contract with Eurolab Lambda to purchase 10 million tests for 43 million euros.

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“However, we found out from publicly available sources that this company has a debt to the state on social insurance in the amount of 17,000 euros as of October 12.

He added that this law does not allow non-payers against social or health insurance companies to participate in tenders for state contracts.

The party therefore calls on the prime minister to dispel doubts and explain the circumstances of the purchase of tests. “Even in times of pandemic and emergency, it is not possible to bend the law and it must apply equally to everyone,” Hipš said.

Tomáš Drucker, chairman of the non-parliamentary Good Choice party, also drew the attention of Eurolab Lambda to the debtor. According to him, the debt amounts to more than 17,000 euros.

Drucker also raises several questions about how area testing of the population will work. “Nationwide testing in two days means to test approximately every two minutes one person in each district in Slovakia for 16 hours a day without children under 10 years, while one testing is carried out until the result is about 15-20 minutes,” points out Drucker.

He also noted that the prime minister is groping and inserting himself into the position of “comrade solver”. “Such somersaults can have really fatal consequences,” he warned.

The State Material Reserves Administration (SŠHR) has concluded purchase agreements for screening tests for the diagnosis of COVID-19 disease with three companies. They are to supply a total of 13 million pieces of tests for a total of 52.3 million euros without VAT.

Most of the tests are to be supplied by Eurolab Lambda. Abbott Laboratories Slovakia, sro is to deliver two million tests SŠHR has also concluded a contract with Juhapharm sro, which is to supply one million tests.

TASR will try to obtain the opinion of the Office of the Government and the SSHR.


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