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When Andrej Babiš was preparing the ground for declaring a state of emergency during the autumn, he repeatedly argued that it was not really much and it was important mainly for the possibility of introducing new measures. “The state of emergency is proposed by Minister Prymula. But it is only a legislative framework, “the prime minister explained, for example, in an interview with MF Dnes. He also argued in the same way during the Czech Television’s election debate.

The government did declare a state of emergency in early October. The reason was to make it possible to limit the gathering of citizens. Due to the state of emergency, the government can use a very long range of restrictions on rights and freedoms under the crisis law – from property rights through the right to move and assemble to the right to do business.

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Among other things, the state of emergency also significantly affects the Czech judiciary. Crimes committed during it can be punished by more severe penalties. This was also pointed out by the Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office (NES).

“If the perpetrator commits a burglary in a normal state by breaking into a food stall and stealing goods worth 500 crowns, he faces up to two years in prison. If he commits a similar act at present, ie during the declared state of emergency, he faces the penalty of imprisonment for two to eight years, “explained the chief public prosecutor Pavel Zeman at the beginning of spring.

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As the experience of the spring emergency shows, the courts have indeed resorted to tougher sanctions. “According to the data of the Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office,

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