The state will pay more than 52 million euros for tests for surface testing


The State Material Reserves Administration concluded purchase agreements with three companies.

Oct 17, 2020 at 6:10 PM TASR

BRATISLAVA. The State Material Reserves Administration (SŠHR) has concluded purchase agreements for screening tests for the diagnosis of COVID-19 disease with three companies. They are to supply a total of 13 million pieces of tests for a total of 52.3 million euros without VAT. This follows from the published contracts in the Central Register of Contracts.

Most of the tests, ten million, are to be delivered by Eurolab Lambda as SŠHR will pay 39.5 million euros without VAT for them. According to the contract with SŠHR, the company has to deliver the first, at least 5.6 million pieces of tests by October 23.

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Another minimum of 2.8 million pieces by October 30 and the rest by November 6. The contract stipulates that the tests are to be delivered to the SŠHR plants in Slovenská Ľupča, Vígľaš, Čachtice and Kysucké Nové Mesto.

Two million tests are to be delivered by Abbott Laboratories Slovakia, sro The total value of the contract is 8.9 million euros without VAT. It should deliver them within 18 calendar days from the effective date of the contract. The tests will go to the SŠHR plant in Kysucké Nové Mesto.

SŠHR has also concluded a contract with the company Juhapharm sro, which is to supply one million tests for 3.9 million euros without VAT. The tests are to be delivered no later than October 30, and will be directed to the SŠHR plant in Čachtice.

On Saturday, Prime Minister Igor Matovič (OĽANO) announced that a comprehensive testing of the country’s inhabitants in connection with the COVID-19 disease is being prepared in Slovakia. The government has been preparing for the project for three weeks. It is not yet clear whether testing will be mandatory or voluntary.


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