The three accused of football corruption cases of the election for detention


The state representative filed a motion with the court for their detention. In the case of leaving them free, there is a serious fear that they could have a possible impact on witnesses that have not yet been heard and that they will continue according to the criminal activity for which they are being withdrawn, Bradov said. The court must decide on the motion for detention within 24 hours.

The case is a branch of the National Center against Organized Crime. Two accused suspects that they took part were influenced by the outcome of the match in their football competitions through decisions. The criminalist claims that this criminal activity was done by an organized criminal group.

The High Representative in Prague, which oversees the case, did not rule out the fullness of the accused. According to the media, among them is the vice-president of the Football Association R (FAR) Roman Berbr. The association did not confirm this, it wants to publish the official reaction on Monday. According to the newspaper, the sports director of the second league Vyehrad, Roman Rogoz, and the decision, both Petr Klupk and Michal Knk, who in the past figured in another case, may have influenced the results.

COMMENT: ernoknnk Berbr zaten. Football gets a new year

Today, the server also changed the names of other decisions, namely Jiho Houdek, Miloe Vitner, Tom Grimm, Marek Janoch, Robert Hjek, Michal Myka, Zdek Koval, Jiho Ke, Pavel Vlasjuk, Jan Cihle and Jiho Musil. According to the server, the house search was carried out by a police officer at the former function of Martin Svoboda, who was called Chest.

The police intervened in several cities of the republic, including the FAR in Prague’s Strahov. With 13 people, they prosecuted the suspect for paying a salary, with those for monopathing in favor of an organized group, with those for fraudulent embezzlement and bribery in favor of the group, and with one for embezzlement, bribery and payment in favor of the group.

For accepting a salary, the threat of the accused and taken for three years, for bribery and two years, for embezzlement a year and five years for memi. In the case of criminal offenses rushed in favor of an organized criminal group, the upper limit of the rate is then increased by an aunt and the penalty is imposed in the upper half of such a rate.

The media have long described FAR Vice President Berbra as a controversial person who, as a former, has had a great influence on the court.


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