The wand returns to Zeman the Medal of Merit. Put the rag on your head, he told the president he had been friends with before Home


Prague Singer Daniel Hůlka will return the Medal of Merit, which he received from President Miloš Zeman in 2016. He is bothered by the Castle’s statements about incompetent and uneducated people and media attacks on him due to a different opinion, which he called ridicule.

“Even with the best friends, it can happen that a situation arises in which each of them has the opposite opinion. However, a real friend never publicly ridicules his friend and does not tell him through the media that he should put a wet rag on his head, just because he has a different opinion, “he said in a letter to President Zeman, whom he considered a friend He performed at the castle.

Concert for Miloš Zeman's supporters at Prague Castle: singer Daniel is coming ...

Singer and actor Hůlka does not agree with the development of government regulations regarding the coronary crisis, the Minister of Health Roman Prymula in the past called the death of a colonel. He also spoke out against the wearing of veils, the participants of which were recommended by the head of the Czech state to have their IQ measured. Zeman specifically named the wand in an interview for MF DNES, which the singer also encounters in his letter.

“Daniel Hůlka received an award for his singing performance. As for his participation in the anti-rifle demonstration, I recommend that he put a cold and wet rag on his head and retreat to privacy for a while, “said Miloš Zeman in an interview.

The wand does not agree that in times of crisis and economic downturn, instead of words of comfort and support, Zeman adds various or even insulting jokes. He thus comes across Zeman’s words about the artists he said are most productive when they are hungry, or the mention of entrepreneurs who deserve to go bankrupt if they are unable to take advantage of the help offered by the state.

“You let me down as a friend. But it’s not really that important, it’s a matter of the two of us and our ending friendship. However, you also disappointed me as the president of our country, and it is no longer just our business at all, “the singer writes in the letter.

“Why are you being rude, aggressive, hateful, selfish, egocentric, narcissistic and utterly godly to us?” He asks his president’s Wand in a letter. “So, as they say. For the rough sack, the rough patch. ”The singer wants to come to Prague Castle on the national holiday on October 28, 2020 to return the award he has given him to the president. “I cannot keep this award, which I received from the hands of the man you proved to be. I would have to be ashamed of myself, “the singer added, telling the president what Zeman had told him: to put a wet rag on his head.

It is still unclear whether the celebrations will take place on October 28, Andrej Babiš said at a press conference on Monday after the end of a full-day government meeting that it would depend on the epidemiological situation in two weeks. President Zeman previously said in an interview for Partie on TV Prima that he would like the ceremony to take place.

Castle spokesman Jiří Ovčáček on Twitter explained the president’s motivation as follows: “The republic needs encouragement, hope, in difficult times. The national holiday on October 28 embodies the bravery of ancestors, a deep love for the homeland. That is why we strive to hold a solemn ceremony in the Vladislav Hall of the Castle, in the place where history went. Being in a limited form, but still. ”


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