The water is drinkable again, and much more has been done


In the middle of the week, users of the drinking water supply of the Iverje water supply system were surprised by the unpleasant news, as, due to inconsistent results of regular sampling, a measure of boiling water was issued by the operator. The water supply team of Komunalni podjetje Kamnik has already remedied the situation with its immediate activities, but in the shadow of an unwelcome event, road repairs, autumn cleaning campaigns and continued construction on our current construction sites were also carried out.

Journal of the Kamnik Municipal Company

Problems with contaminated drinking water

On Wednesday, 14 October 2020, the results of regular sampling of drinking water from the Iverje water supply system, taken by NLZOH Kranj, showed the content of coliform bacteria in most samples from various collection points scattered throughout the water supply network, in some also the content of microbiological indicators. faecal contamination (E. coli and enterococci).

Based on the Criteria for declaring a measure for boiling drinking water, the NIJZ immediately issued the measure and started the procedures envisaged in the Emergency Plan, as we – as the water supply system manager – are obliged to provide healthy and safe drinking water to all users. In accordance with the Rules and drinking water and instructions of the NIJZ, we immediately started informing users.

In addition to notifications via the website of the manager, the municipality, the web portal, social networks, radio stations Radio Prvi and Val 202, we also informed larger users (business, schools, etc.) in person via e-mail or telephone. In order to quickly inform as many users as possible, we also informed via teletext and the web application Telegram (, which enables immediate notification of registered users via SMS.

In order to cancel the issued measure as soon as possible, the authorized contractor started the process of chlorination of water in the Iverje water supply system. Drinking water samples were also taken again, and the boiling measure had to remain in force until new test results were obtained, which would confirm the compliance of drinking water with the requirements of the Rules.

In the circumstances, the manager decided to ensure the supply of bottled water to all kindergarten, school children in the municipalities of Kamnik and Komenda, high school students and residents of the Home for the Elderly during the transitional period of waiting for appropriate sampling results. The action of preparation and organization of water transport started on the same evening, and by the morning of the next day the water had already been transported to the above locations.

The results of the sampling on Friday 16 October 2020 showed the completeness of the samples, as no bacteria harmful to health were found in it. The measure of boiling water in the area of ​​the municipalities of Kamnik and Komenda was revoked immediately after obtaining official analyzes of NLZOH samples.

Maintenance work

Other activities were carried out smoothly, regardless of the circumstances. According to the plan, macadam roads in Vranja Peč, Podstudenec, Bistričica, in front of the sports hall on Šolska ulica and on the asphalt roads in Zgornji Motnik, Stare Sele and on the route Mekinje – Godič were patched, and we also repaired untidy sidewalks in Rudnik near Radomlje .

In Krivčevo, it was necessary to repair the consequences of the landslide that slipped on the road. We removed all the excess material and rinsed to ensure normal road traffic.

This week’s schedule also included the cleaning of several water drains, with cleaning being carried out in Špitalič, Pšajnovica, on the Motnik-Bela roads and between Palovče and Vaseni.

Among other things, the maintenance workers started removing the applied material from the road in Studenci and cutting off branches in Podlom, Velika Planina and Kisovec, where a road inspection showed that the road was opaque on several sections.

This time we stayed in Zgornji Tuhinj due to the task of cleaning the meteor sewer, and due to the occurrence of deposits of excess material we were forced to clean the culverts in Trobelno and Kregarjevo, thus ensuring a smooth flow of meteor water, while in Volčji Potok and Rudnik Radomlje cleaned the inflows.

Because during the autumn the most precipitation falls or. rain, during this time it is best shown whether drainage is adequately taken care of. If drainage is adequate, rainwater drains quickly and does not cause serious inconvenience. Due to this, problems have been occurring in Stara Seli for a long time, and with the construction of a meteor sewer, our maintenance staff has made sure that in the future there will be no more problems with watering paths, roads or even yards.

The plumbing team worked in several areas. First and foremost, the problems with unsuitable drinking water from the Iverje water supply system were solved, and at the same time it was necessary to take care of regular maintenance work (control of water supply systems, fault finding, system regulation, valve replacement, cleaning and control of facilities, etc.). ) and continue with the works in Stahovica (renovation of the water supply system) and also on the slightly younger construction site on Tunjiška cesta, where a new water supply system is being built for the needs of the new residential neighborhood.

The electrical unit focused on the installation of several candelabras and the connection of lights in Volčji Potok and on Kovinarska cesta near Mercator, where the candelabra also had to be concreted, as well as regular inspection of all pumping stations, maintenance and inspection of traffic lights and risers and regular inspection and maintenance of public lighting, the flawless operation of which is certainly crucial in these short autumn days.

Arranging cemeteries

The first of November is approaching, so special attention is paid to carefully arranged cemeteries and their surroundings. This year, the Kamnik Municipal Company will once again organize the sale of sand for graves, before which we will take care of the careful cleaning of paths, shearing hedges, emptying bins and arranging lawns.

Work on construction sites in Stahovica and Studenci

Work on our construction sites in Stahovica and Studenci is slowly coming to an end. The results of the work can already be seen in the distance – all we need is just some weather-friendly weather.

In Studenci, we hurried with the finishing works (arrangement of details on the road), while in the last phase of the construction site in Stahovica we delved into the renovation of the water supply system. Among the construction works this week, we should also mention the beginning of the asphalting of the canals on Vremšakova ulica and the work on Tunjiška cesta, where working machines have been humming since last week.

Explanation of the Iverje water supply catchment

To conclude, a few more explanations regarding the Iverje water supply catchment. Let us say that this is a catchment with a surface impact, as the water flows into the drainage field from the Kamniška Bistrica river basin. In order to ensure healthy drinking water and to ensure its sufficient quantities in the future, it would be necessary to make pumping wells to pump groundwater, thus preventing the aforementioned surface impact. Let us point out again that such interventions or. investments in the domain of the municipality or infrastructure owner.

Since it is necessary to look at the preservation of the quality of the good – water in the long run, the responsible behavior of each individual will certainly help, especially the respect of the regime set in the water protection area. The interest of the water supply system operator is certainly in the ear of all those who primarily influence the conservation of our water resources. In order to ensure healthy drinking water, a number of conditions must be met – from the already mentioned responsibility of individuals, to careful and regular maintenance of public water supply, and especially in the realization of investments that will lay the foundation for quality public service.

Maintenance plan – week 43:

  • Road inspection
  • Arrangement of the macadam road:
    • Owl Pec-Podlom
    • Brezje-Gozd
  • Patching potholes on asphalt roads:
  • Excavation of ditches
  • Installation of traffic signals according to the decision:
    • Nevlje
    • Piакопичева
    • Tunjice-Vrhovje
    • Tunjice-Zadnji vrh
    • Jenkova
    • Brezje
    • Steletova
  • Installation of a traffic mirror according to the decision:
  • Installation of concrete shaft:
  • Drainage arrangement:
  • Other works:
    • Asphalting the Kregarjevo yard
    • Asphalting of ditches Stara Sela, Gozd, Stolnik, Usnjarska


November 1st is approaching. A time when our concern for the orderliness of graves is even greater. We would like to inform you that the Municipal Company Kamnik will organize the sale of sand this year as well.
It will be possible to buy sand at the Žale – Kamnik cemetery, Oct. 29-30, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.. At your request, we will also deliver the sand to the grave.
Acceptance of sand is also possible in the warehouse of the Municipal Company Kamnik doo, namely between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m., by prior arrangement on our phone number 01 836 34 60.
Call for more information 041 326 255.


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