‘There is no time to change the government.’ The chairman of STAN Austrian would not support a vote of no confidence now Home


Prague In the current situation, the chairman of the STAN opposition movement, Vít Rakušan, would not support a vote of no confidence in the government. He said this on Sunday’s Prima and Prima CNN TV shows. A vote of no confidence is being considered by the opposition ODS, which wants to gain support for the move unless the government itself asks for a vote of confidence when the current state of emergency ends.

According to ODS chairman Petr Fiala, the vote on the government could take place only when the Czechia manages the coronavirus epidemic.

“I say quite openly: no at this stage, I will not support it. Because if – and I used the example somewhere – if there are just firefighters who we don’t feel are the best, we don’t call another unit quickly, we will rely on them to fire and try to help them, “he described. Austrian. “At a time when there is a real crisis, when we are deciding whether there will be a lockdown or not, there is simply no time to change the government in the Czech Republic,” said the Austrian.

The ODS leadership decided on Tuesday, October 13, that Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) had lost the ability to run the government and the state. According to the opposition party, the YES and CSSD cabinet should ask for confidence after the end of the state of emergency. Otherwise, the ODS faction in the House will seek support for expressing no confidence in the government. Deputy Prime Minister Jan Hamáček (CSSD) said on Tuesday that the government would not ask for trust. According to the ODS, the government and Babiš are responsible for the “fatal unpreparedness” for the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic.

While a majority of all Members present is required to express confidence in the government, a vote of no less than 101 votes is required. However, the opposition does not have them, because the coalition CSSD and ANO have 92 votes, but it tolerates the government and some of its proposals are also supported by the KSČM, with which the government coalition has a total of 107 deputies. The Civic Democrats are the second largest parliamentary faction with 23 deputies, while the Mayors are the least numerous with six members. A motion of censure on the Government may be submitted in writing by at least 50 deputies.

The last time the vote of no confidence was in the government was at the end of last June. Five opposition parties then called for a vote in response to preliminary European Commission audit reports pointing to Babis’ alleged conflict of interest.


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