These are the 52 countries that can apply for an electronic Russian visa


Russia facilitates procedures for those who wish to visit the country for a short period of time for tourism, private, business or humanitarian purposes. From 2021, citizens of 52 states will be able to visit the Eurasian country for 16 days with an electronic visa.

Soon the citizens of 52 countries They will be able to enjoy the expansion of the initial project, which initially only covered the Far Eastern Federal District, Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad and Kaliningrad regions. This meant that the rest of the Russian territory could not be visited under the old conditions.
Now, however, those who obtain the document will be able to visit the entire country after entering it through any of the authorized border points and move freely. Also, after paying the 40 dollars that the procedure will cost, the beneficiaries will have 16 days for their visit, instead of the 8 they currently have. With this, the process of obtaining the visa is very simple, since it is not necessary to appear in person at the Russian consulate.
As stated by the head of the Russian Government, Mikhail Mishustin, this novelty represents the consolidation of the pilot project started in 2017.

The Russian authorities have specified that children under the age of six will obtain the document at no cost, and also that, thanks to the new flexibility, no invitation or hotel reservation will be needed as is the case now. Here is the list of countries that will benefit from the new easing:

● Spain

● Mexico

● Germany

●        Andorra

● Saudi Arabia

●        Austria

● Bahrain

● Belgium

●        Bulgaria

● China (including Taiwan)

● Cyprus

● Croatia

● Denmark

●        Estonia

● Finland

● France

● Greece

● Hungary

●        India

●        Indonesia

● Iran

● Ireland

● Iceland

● Italy

● Japan

●        Kuwait

● Latvia

●        Liechtenstein

● Lithuania

● Luxembourg

● North Macedonia

● Malaysia

●        Malta

● Monaco

● Norway

● Oman

● Netherlands

● Philippines

● Poland

●        Portugal

● Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

● Czech Republic

● Romania

● San Marino

●        Serbia

● Singapore

● Slovakia

● Slovenia

● Switzerland

● Sweden

● Turkey

● Vatican


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