They declared him dead. The man survived the hours in the cold box


The Indian, who was mistakenly dead and awakened after spending several hours in a cold box, actually died after a few days. The BBC news server reported on the case in Tamil Nadu, India. After stating the “first death”, the dead man was taken home, where the body was to remain in a mobile refrigerated box until the funeral. However, the funeral service has found the man alive and the family is now having problems due to ambiguities surrounding the death certificate.

The 70-year-old Mr Balasubrahmanjama was brought to the hospital on Monday due to health problems, where doctors stated his death. After returning home, the body was stored in a refrigerated box provided by the funeral service. When her workers wanted to pick up the deceased the next day, when the funeral was to take place, they found that the man was trembling and alive.

They took him back to the hospital, but to a different one than before. He died there on Friday. The hospital director said the patient was sick at the time of admission and died of pulmonary complications.

According to the funeral service, the brother of the allegedly dead man signed a death report at the first hospital, but the police chief claims that the family is now unable to present the document. Relatives are accused of “hasty or negligent conduct that endangered human life.”


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