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Liverpool He just stood there and smiled ironically. What was left for Jürgen Klopp’s coach, when the referees canceled Liverpool’s winning goal at the set time of the derby against Everton for offside. The reigning English champion lost points for the second time in a row and experts do not understand: what offside?

“Couldn’t we go back to the tightness of the attacking team? After all, we want goals to fall, “wrote former football player Peter Crouch on Twitter.

Liverpool failed to defeat Everton

Sky football expert and former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher only managed a series of laughing emoticons.

What happened in the 5th round of the Premier League?

At 2: 2, Captain Jordan Henderson scored Pickford’s goalkeeper and pulled the derby at Goodison Park to the side of Liverpool.

But the joy was replaced by confusion;

VAR had to review the goal situation, but even after repeated watching and drawing a line in the TV graphics, you would have a hard time finding an offside. Nevertheless, the referee canceled the goal from the video.

Sadio Mané, who passed Henderson to the goal, was said to be offside.

In England, they are used to the fact that every position outside the game is revealed – even the smallest, the tightest. It is a factual confirmation, as well as whether the ball crosses the goal line or not.

But the situation from the derby on the River Mersey aroused emotions again.

“I am a real supporter of the VAR system. This would be an offside last season, but the rules about playing hands have changed. Everyone tells me that it shouldn’t have been an offside, but it won’t improve my mood much now, “Klopp said after the match.

It is not possible to score by hand, so its position does not play a role in examining a potential position outside the game.

It is hard to surprise Klopp if you take into account the incident from the first half.

Pickford brutally broke down in the lime of Virgil van Dijk, who injured his knee and had to take turns. You would say: a penalty and probably a red card for the Everton goalkeeper.

But even here, VAR intervened to the detriment of Liverpool. Van Dijk was offside, not much bigger than at the end of the Mané match.

Liverpool lost points for the second time in a row: before the national team break, they exploded with Aston Villa 2: 7.


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