Thousands of soldiers on the streets: The army will do all-over testing



Eva Sládková
From Slovakia

Igor Matovic likened the whole operation to landing in Normandy.

Source: EASYFOTO TASR / Miroslava Mlynárová

Today, the government cabinet held extraordinary discussions on ensuring comprehensive testing of the population. He decided that he would be in charge of the army. Up to 8,000 members of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic are to be set aside.

A huge challenge

“The operation called Shared Responsibility will be without exaggeration the largest logistics operation in the history of the Slovak Republic. It will involve approximately 50,000 people, in addition to 8,000 soldiers and members of the police, state administration, local government and paramedics, “ said Minister of Defense Jaroslav Naď.

The minister added that the army is fully prepared to face this huge challenge and carry out the testing. “Every mayor and mayor can expect a visit in the coming hours and days, where details will be addressed.” added Jaroslav Naď.

“It’s almost like an Normandy landing operation, but I believe the military can handle it.” was supported by his Prime Minister Igor Matovic, who used a metaphor reminiscent of World War II. As the prime minister added, members of the government have not yet agreed whether testing will be mandatory or not.

Pilot testing

Before the nationwide testing, the army will try it first in four districts.

“Pilot testing will be next week in Námestovo, Dolný Kubín, Tvrdošín and Bardejov,” added the Minister of Defense.

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