Tim Geiser beat everything and increased the advantage at the top


Slovenian motocross rider Tim Gajser is the winner of the MXGP World Championship race for the Flanders Grand Prix in Lommel, Belgium. The defending world champion finished the first run in second and second in first place and further increased the lead in the overall standings. He is now leading by 48 points in front of his closest pursuer Antonio Cairoli.
The venue in Lommel in the World Caravan is considered to be the most demanding and for all racers who are not from this part of Europe, it is the biggest challenge due to the specific sandy surface. Gajser also caused problems for a long time, but he started a special training in this field last year, which brought results and he also celebrated in Belgium last year.

This year, these skills are even more important. Lommel, as has become usual this season, is hosting three races and it is very likely that Belgium will be a decisive step in the fight for the title, as there will be only three races left in the 2021 season after the end of this trio.

Gajser has been waiting a long time for his first win this season, scoring it two weeks ago in Mantua, last week he landed second in the new venue in Spain. He came to Belgium confidently, with an increased foray into the WC and, above all, in search of driving pleasure, which he highlighted as the most important factor in Lommel.

Photo: Grega Valančič / Sportida

Finally, he made only one minor mistake today, which had a more beautiful effect, he may have lost three points in the WC because of it, but he still increased his lead again. He made a mistake in the first run, when after a good start he was second, soon broke into the lead, and then after a small fall he had to drop the Frenchman Gautier Paulin. Third was Spaniard Jorge Prado.

But such an unfolding did not throw Gajser off track. At the start of the second run, he did well again and was right next to the Prado, but soon overtook him. After that, he only increased the advantage further, and in the end celebrated convincingly. The second was Frenchman Romain Febvre and the third was Swiss Jeremy Seewer. Prado fell in the last third of the race and was fourth, with Cairoli finishing even further behind.

In the sum of both races, Gajser won with 47 points ahead of Paulina (41) and Prado (38). Cairoli was a modest ninth today, scoring just 23 points.

Still escaped Cairoli

“It’s great, I’m overjoyed. We put so much work on the sand, I trained a lot on that basis and now it’s paid off again. A huge thank you to everyone on my team and everyone who supports me,” Gajser said immediately after the race. .

With the new points, the world champion is now even more firmly in the lead of this year’s total; he has 488 points, the second is Cairoli with 440, but he was approached by Prado and Seewer, who have 429 points each.

Already in the qualifiers, won by Prado before Gajser, a new injury hit the caravan. This time it was collected by the Dutchman Glenn Coldenhoff, who had to be taken off the track after falling on a stretcher.

In the MX2 class, Slovenian racer Jan Pancar was left without points in the first run with 21st place for hair, but in the second he was more successful and got four points as 17th. Frenchman Tom Vialle won, Pancar was 21. Vialle also leads the World Cup with 569 points, Pancar is 21st with 82.

The next race will be in Lommel on Wednesday, when the Limburg GP will be scheduled.

Results, MXGP:

– 1st run:
1. Gautier Paulin (Fra),
2. Tim Geiser (Slo),
3. Jorge Prado (Špa);

– 2nd run:
1. Tim Geiser (Slo),

2. Romain Febvre (Fra),
3. Jeremy Seewer (Švi);

– total in the race:
1. Tim Geiser (Slo) 47,

2. Gautier Paulin (Fra) 41,
3. Jorge Prado (Špa) 38;

– SP total:
1. Tim Geiser (Slo) 488,

2. Antonio Cairoli 440,
3. Jorge Prado (Špa) 429;

Results, MX2:

– total in the race:
Tom Vialle (Fra) 44,
2. Jago Geerts (phone),
3. Ben Watson (VBr) 41
… 21. Jan Pancar (Slo) 4;

– SP total:
Tom Vialle (Fra) 569,
2. Jago Geerts (call) 516,
3. Maxime Renaux (Fra) 407

21. Jan Pancar (Slo) 82

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