Tragic accident, two people dead


A tragic event took place in the village of Čeplje in the municipality of Lukovica.

“At 5.07 in the village of Čeplje in the municipality of Lukovica, a person was poisoned with carbon monoxide in a residential building,” reports the portal of the Protection and Rescue Administration. Firefighters from CZR Domžale, PGD Blagovica and Lukovica took the person from the area to the plain, where rescuers from the Domžale Emergency Medical Service offered them help, but unfortunately it was too late.

Firefighters performed gas detection and found a high presence of monoxide. The incident was reported to the police.

“On Saturday, shortly after 5 am, we were informed about the two deceased people found in the Domžale area. “They were both found in the area without signs of life and immediately received emergency medical treatment. According to the information known so far, the death was most likely the result of carbon monoxide poisoning. Police officers did not find any signs of a crime,” they said. from the Ljubljana Police Administration.

All the circumstances of the event are still being investigated and all known facts will be reported to the competent state prosecutor’s office.

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