Trump opt criticized Governor Whitmer for coronavirus. Take her! chanted by his supporters Svt


Washington During a presidential election in the state of Michigan on Saturday, US President Donald Trump recently criticized local governor Gretchen Whitmer for restrictive measures against a coronavirus and for blaming him for his complicity in a recent attempt at her nose.

According to Reuters, the president’s supporters chanted a demand for a democratic policy. She did not let herself be blamed and said on Twitter that at first such rhetoric would warm the lives of herself, her family and her co-workers.

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said the monster had been accused of filling a Whitmer nose from her holiday home in the north. The other seven people ended up in custody, who later indicated the death toll on members of the security forces and the Michigan Capitol building.

Some local residents were encouraged by the quarantine measures introduced by the Whitmers due to coronavirus. Participants in previous protests, which were also supported by President Trump, called on governors to violate personal freedoms.

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Trump resumed his politics during his first stint after a week-long trip in the country, in which a duel between him and Democratic candidate Joe Biden will begin in the November 3 elections. These are stty, in which he increased in 2016, but this time, according to a survey, he will be in the Biden show.

The president is currently pursuing a campaign in Wisconsin and Michigan, with a steep number of nations in both countries. At the time, the trump followers do not follow the distances on the mints and do not wear the hands.

At a pre-election rally in Muskegon, Michigan, Trump personally attacked the governor of the state several times and accused her of misconduct. and they threatened, Trump said. And she blamed m, ekl f Blho house.

Trump also called on Whitmer to loosen limited economic activity in the region, which is part of the so-called growth belt, a once-prosperous industrial area in the northeastern United States. You must bring your governor to open your state, Trump urged the crowd. And to open your rounds, added the republican president.

Trump’s supporters have begun to chant her.

Take them all, Trump encouraged the dispersed crowd. I hope you pack it out pretty soon, let the president unstart.

Whitmerov immediately responded to the raids on Twitter. This is exactly the rhetoric that warms the lives of myself, my family and other government officials, while we are trying to save the lives of our fellow Americans, wrote the 49-year-old governor who took office at the arrest this year.

Whitmer accused Trump of two of giving her one courage to extremist beeches, such as the one she wanted to kidnap. The FBI accused does not suggest that the accused were inspired by Trump.

Trump also warned on Saturday that Biden would hinder the United States’ recovery from the coronavirus crisis in the event of an election campaign. Biden will close the country, delay the vaccination and prolong the pandemic, Trumpa quoted Reuters as saying.

Trump’s advisers consider the states of Michigan and Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, to be a fate for his re-election. On Sunday, I will go to Nevada, which was last controlled by the Clinton family, and on Monday he will be in the traditional Republican Bat Arizona.


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