Two former FARC combatants are assassinated in central Colombia


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BOGOTÁ (Sputnik) – Two ex-combatants of the former Colombian guerrilla of the FARC (now a left-wing party) were assassinated by unknown persons in the municipality of La Uribe (Meta, center), confirmed the political group.

“Today, in La Uribe, Meta, Albeiro Suárez and Yeferson Mandela were assassinated. Two other peace signatories who believed and worked for her. Their departure deeply hurts us, because of their memory and because of the love they felt for the territory, we will continue working tirelessly, “said the Common Alternative Revolutionary Force (FARC) through Twitter.

Albeiro Suárez, 47 years old and whose real name was Juan de Jesús Monroy, led the reincorporation process of ex-combatants in that municipality, while Mandela, whose real identity was Luis Alexander Largo Gómez, 38, was his bodyguard and was attached to the state National Protection Unit (UNP).
According to local press versions, both were shot dead by unknown persons who also took a second bodyguard, who remains missing and whose identity was not specified.

Since the signing of the Peace Agreement, in November 2016, there are 234 ex-combatants killed in the country.

“There are already 234 peace signatories assassinated before the complicit and indolent gaze of the Government of Iván Duque, is that peace with legality of his Government? We demand guarantees for the signatories of the agreement, who work every day for the peace of Colombia” added the FARC on Twitter.

According to the authorities, the Police and the Army are advancing in the area to find those responsible for the murder of the two ex-combatants.


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