Two hot Italian islands are sought after by tourists for increased fertility


Staying on one of the islands is said to have dizzying effects on boosting libido, writes the CNN server. It is not entirely clear what is behind it – perhaps moist sea air, thermal springs or volcanic soil. However, it is a cocktail that spouses often look for in the hope that they will soon have a child. Here again, young and single women indulge in silent prayers, hoping to meet the counterpart of their dreams.

The first of the islands is dominated by Stromboli volcano, one of the most active in the world. Maybe its activity is the reason why the local environment is so hot. “It’s a very sensual place, an island of fire and passion,” says local wine seller Maria Puglisi. “With each eruption, you feel constant vibrations inside you, it’s like a volcano explodes right inside you,” says the woman.

Stromboli volcano is the main attraction for many visitors. Some head as far as its crater, where they drop all their clothes and press their bellies on the hot ground to better feel the eruptions underground. According to Puglisio, it is practically a ritual that really stirs the blood in the body.

A narcotic plant also helps

In addition, the island is home to an unusual plant that allegedly emits a hypnotic scent at night, which contributes to increased libido. Locals believe that its aroma helps couples conceive a child. “It’s called cestrum nocturnum and it doesn’t bloom until after sunset,” said the owner of a local restaurant, Luisa Paduan.

Some tourists lie naked in the volcanic soil to better feel the eruptions below the earth’s surface.


“Magic is happening at that time. We call the flower Lady of the Night or Beauty of the Night, “she explained. “Its scent is so strong and powerful that it will cause you a pleasant shaking of the head, which lasts until the early hours of the morning,” said Paduan, who leaves one flower directly above the entrance to the restaurant. In addition to its aphrodisiac effects, it also helps to fight stress and tension and helps to calm down. “Cestrum nocturnum has always been considered a means to increase romance.”

According to legend, Christopher Columbus brought a flower from the New World. In the hot environment of the island of Stromboli, she found an ideal habitat. However, most locals believe that the plant is native and was born from a volcano.

They touch the rocks

However, the neighboring island of Filicudi is not deprived of that romantic tension either. Local fishermen often take tourists to so-called fertility caves. They then help single ladies get closer to unusual rock formations, some of which resemble male genitalia. On the island, they believe that if women touch them, they will be lucky to find a partner. “The girls who hit them will find men, get married and have a lot of children,” says Nino Terrano of the local diving center.

The neighboring island of Filicudi is also popular among tourists looking to increase their libido.


The so-called Cave of Lovers is especially popular, and it is claimed that if two people forming a couple enter it, they will come out as three with a conceived child “It’s a mystery. There is something in that cave that will stir up hormones and blind people with desire, “says Terrano.

And if the atmosphere of the cave itself is not enough, local fishermen will be happy to share freshly caught sea urchins, which pay for a great aphrodisiac delicacy.


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