Upcoming protest by football fans: Police face heavy fines



Dissatisfied football fans are to take to the streets of Bratislava. The men of the law are vigilant and have an important message for those who are preparing to protest.

Source: TASR / Jaroslav Novák

Bratislava police prepared security measures in connection with Saturday’s gathering of football fans in the capital. Traffic police officers will monitor the traffic safety situation in Bratislava. The Regional Directorate (KR) of the Police Force (PZ) in Bratislava informs about it on the social network.

Anti-conflict team

The measures will focus on the protection of life, health, human property and public order. In case of complications, the police will direct traffic in Bratislava. They therefore urge drivers to respect their instructions. They will keep you informed of any changes in traffic.

“The police officers of the Anti-Conflict Team of the Regional Directorate of the Police in Bratislava will communicate with the citizens who decide to attend the unannounced assembly despite these circumstances. Their effort will be to communicate constructively with participants, to prevent possible conflicting and aggressive behavior, “ police said.

Tough punishments

If persons violate measures issued by the Public Health Office of the Slovak Republic, the district authorities may sanction them up to the amount of 1659 euros, in block proceedings up to 1000 euros, the police warn.

It reminds participants that if a person who tests positive for COVID-19 who does not comply with quarantine attends the meeting, he or she is committing the crime of spreading a dangerous contagious human disease. The penalty in this case is four to ten years’ imprisonment.

“In the event of an attack on a public official by the participants in the assembly, a sentence of imprisonment of 12 to 25 years may be imposed for such conduct in accordance with the law,” said the police.

Slovak football fans from the Ultras Slovan group are preparing to protest against the current restrictions in the stadiums. They are to meet on Saturday in front of the Main Station in Bratislava and from there move to the Office of the Government of the Slovak Republic.

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Source: TASR


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