USA to execute first woman in nearly 70 years


The United States will execute a federal inmate for the first time in nearly 70 years, the Justice Department reported. The woman was convicted of strangling an eight-month-old pregnant woman and removing the baby she kidnapped.

Is about Lisa Montgomery, a 52-year-old woman from Melvern (Kansas). In December 2004, Montgomery drove from Kansas to his victim’s Missouri home supposedly to buy a puppy, and once inside the residence he attacked and strangled her until she lost consciousness.

Using a kitchen knife, Montgomery sliced ​​through Stinnett’s abdomen, causing her to regain consciousness. A fight ensued and Montgomery strangled Stinnett to death. Montgomery then pulled the baby out of Stinnett’s body, took the baby with her and tried pass it off as his, “the statement said.

In 2007, a jury found Montgomery guilty of federal kidnapping that resulted in the death of the baby and unanimously recommended the death penalty. However, her lawyers say that as a child she suffered brain damage from the beatings and that she is not mentally well, so she should not face the death penalty.
The Trump Administration announced in 2019 that federal executions would resume after a decades-long hiatus. US Attorney General William Barr defended the move, stating that it will be carried out in connection with “especially heinous killings.”
“The Department of Justice upholds the rule of law and we owe it to the victims and their families to move forward with the sentence imposed by our justice system,” Barr said.

Executions at the federal level have resumed in the United States after 17 years without assisted deaths. So far in 2020, seven executions have already been carried out.

The previous woman executed was Bonnie Brown Heady, convicted of kidnapping and murder and executed on December 18, 1953, according to the record of the Bureau of Prisons. In June of that same year, Ethel Rosenberg was executed along with her husband Julios, communist sympathizers convicted of having transferred nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union.


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