VIDEO shows rare phenomenon of ‘3 suns’ appearing in China’s sky


Residents of a northern Chinese city saw three suns in the sky, known as parelium. A French expert explained the phenomenon.

The inhabitants of Mohe, the northernmost city in China, close to the Russian border, were surprised on Thursday when they discovered three “suns”, or three sources of light, clearly visible in the sky.

Tristan Amm, a forecasting specialist at Météo France, commented on the Ouest-France newspaper about this rare optical phenomenon called parelium.

“It is an optical phenomenon that occurs when the sun’s rays pass through ice crystals present in clouds at high altitude. At low altitude, these crystals disappear, it is very hot,” he explained, specifying that it is a “very rare” phenomenon. “.

The three suns were observed for almost three hours in the morning, a particularly long time for this phenomenon. This is the first time that the inhabitants of Mohe have witnessed this phenomenon. In January, a parelion had already been observed in Jilin, in eastern China. A month later, witnesses in Mongolia claimed to have seen up to five suns at a time.

China: 3 suns seemed to shine yesterday in Mohe, in Heilongjiang Province, because of a relatively rare atmospheric optical phenomenon, caused by the refraction of ice crystals and which requires very strict weather conditions.

In 340 BC, in his work on meteorology, Aristotle tried to explain that halos, parelios and other rainbows were only effects of refraction of light and, therefore, simple illusions.

According to Amm, this phenomenon can also happen with lunar light.

“But that would require low-lying clouds,” he said. The phenomenon occurs most often when the moon is full.


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