Vmola won after a year and promised: If I don’t win in the 1st round, I’ll die


Carlos Vmola again in Oktagon vtz.
| photo: Oktagon MMA

Vmola last appeared last November, when he was knocked out by Attila Vgh at the O2 aren. Saturday’s duel was therefore supposed to wake him up. He needed to prove again that he could win.

After the outbreak of covid-19, after knee surgery, after a breakup with a partner.

That’s how the duel went. He dragged Vmola Robertsen to the ground. With their tradition and tactics. Nor did he not force the forces, after all, he fought for the first time in such a high category (agreed up to 90 kilograms).

In the first round, Robertsen finished on the walls after 65 seconds and did not get up from them.

In the second round, even after eleven.

And in the twentieth seconds.

I showed one of the worst performances here in the Octagon. I was very passive. I waited for a mistake and she drank a bohuel and so late, Vmola admitted. But he needed this thing. The organization needed him, always extinguish the stars, you Viktor Peta.

Nor looked lost, only at one point did he lose his abilities, when the Czech sock hit his finger several times with his knee on his head. Jene then ended up on the walls again and soon knocked off, put a mole at the rest.

And it’s up to Vclav Mikulek! That will be easy. I will win in the first round with a technical knockout (WHO). If not, put on soft gloves! Vmola surprised.

If he meant it, he bet his career. I can meet Mikulek in December in the up to 84 kilogram category.

We are preparing the details.


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