Voting ends in Bolivia, but official results will take at least 2 days (VIDEO)


Polling stations began to close at 5 pm local time (6 pm in Brasília) this Sunday (18) in Bolivia, but voters must wait at least two days to know the official results.

“We are concluding this phase of the vote with the satisfaction that the citizens showed up massively, with calm, tranquility and patience in places where there were long lines,” said the president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Salvador Romero, in a press conference. press.

Romero’s assessment followed the same line as the positive considerations that international observers and political parties made during voting day, which marks the beginning of the end of the transition imposed in the country after the fall of Evo Morales in November last year.

The TSE president said that an undetermined number of polling stations extended their opening hours after 5 pm local time (6 pm in Brasília), as there were still voters in the queues due to the slow voting process, caused by the sanitary precautions against COVID- 19.

Press conference of the President of the TSE, Salvador Romero

Romero confirmed that the official count would begin at 6 pm local time (7 pm in Brasília) in the nine departments and that the first consolidated national data would be known later, progressively.

However, the president of the TSE admitted that the process will inevitably be slow, for administrative reasons, and should be concluded, at best, next Tuesday (20).

As a result, television stations, which collected voting data both through the ballot box and through quick counting procedures, must present the first projections of the result after 8 pm local time (9 pm in Brasilia), when the ban ends dissemination of results.

Morales’ Movement for Socialism (MAS) also announced that it will be in a position to disclose a projection of results, based on its own quick count system that, according to candidate Luis Arce, intends to cover 100% of the counting minutes.

Arce and ex-president Carlos Mesa are considered the two favorite candidates in the pre-election polls.


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