What does Queen Elizabeth call it? Swans from her are for sale!


In Great Britain, swans are technically the property of the monarchy, which is not advisable to trade. So it would be interesting to find out what the queen says to the fact that the birds she donated to one American city are for sale?

Queen Elizabeth was approached in 1957 by a native of Lakeland, USA, who was living in the United Kingdom at the time, and decided to write to the British Queen if she would provide the city with swans that had disappeared permanently from the surface of Lake Morton four years earlier.

The queen answered in the affirmative at the time, but exchanged for Florida residents to contribute $ 300 to capture and transport elegant feathers. In February 1957, a pair of great swans arrived in Lakeland from Britain.

Since then, generations of his descendants have lived around the lake. But they multiplied and it became crowded on the water surface. There are currently 86 swans living there. The city therefore decided to sell 36 individuals to the public. It offered one swan for $ 400 (over 9,000 crowns).

The swans have belonged to the town of Lakeland for almost a hundred years, they have lived in the mentioned water area at least since 1923. However, they disappeared by 1953, they were either eaten by alligators or they became victims of dogs.


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