Winemakers have a problem, the grapes begin to rot


“It’s autumn, not summer. It is not hot, the water will disappear from the landscape slowly, “says Strážnice Deputy Mayor Walter Bartoš (ODS) after a tour of the flooded landscape in the Hodonín region. Further rains on Friday meant that the situation worsened again.

Winemakers also have problems. Not everyone was able to get grapes from this year’s harvest into the cellars.

“I still have about twenty percent of this year’s harvest in the vineyards,” winemaker Jiří Maděřič from Moravské Žižkov in the Břeclav region told Práva. Like others, he wanted to let some of the grapes ripen to optimal sugar content. Now he hangs on the vine bushes in the vineyard, where he can’t get with the technology. “It may happen that half of the grapes fall, half rot. But I hope that this scenario will not come true, “he says.

Although winemakers generally welcome moisture for vineyards, the current situation threatens the harvest. Closed berries are poured and cracked with a new amount of moisture, and the harvest is all the more threatened by rot. The pursuit of quality, sweet and perfectly ripened grapes can get rid of winemakers. Maděřič, like many others, is now looking to improve the weather so that he can harvest the grapes. To do this, he needs to be able to vineyards with technology.


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