With 500 spines stuck: this is what a dog looks like after attacking a porcupine



Sputnik Mundo



One dog learned the hard way not to mess with porcupines as, despite having neither claws nor fangs, they can inflict tremendous damage with their personal weapon – quills. After a visit to the vet, this is the result.

Unlike hedgehogs, porcupines can be more agile with their spines, which remain embedded in the attacker’s body. Gator, a two-year-old dog, has seen it on his own meats.
The animal was hit by some 500 picks on his body and was seriously injured. Luckily, he is now much better thanks to his visit to the vet and a treatment of 30 hours.

So you know, be very careful with these rodents, and do not approach them if they threaten to attack with their quills if they do not want to end up like this Canadian dog.


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