YES in the least people since the 2017 election, the Chamber of Deputies would not miss the KSM and SSD


Election model Kantar CZ for T (June 18, 2020)
| photo: esk television

STAN, SPD, KDU-SL and TOP 09 would go to the Chamber of Deputies from the existing parties.

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KSM support with a result of 4.5 percent is the same as in the previous model. However, the Koalin SSD lost 1.5 percent, and now three percent of respondents would support it.

Below the entrance to the lower house of parliament, according to Trikolra, which it strengthened by half a percentage point, it would be supported by three percent of voters.

The SPD movement lost one position compared to August, with a total gain of eight percent, it would have ended pt. He gave three parties to move on the border of the entrance to the Chamber of Deputies.

According to the model, the required five percent of the vote would be exceeded by KDU-SL, which increased by two percentage points to six percent. TOP 09 thus improved by pl percentage point to 5.5 percent of the vote.

The statistical error of the electoral model in the current wave varies between +/- 1.1 for low-profit parties and 2.8 percentage points for high-gain parties. The survey took place from 21 to 9 June and involved 1,200 respondents.


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