ZMOS: Municipalities will cooperate in nationwide testing


Municipalities in Slovakia will certainly cooperate in the announced nationwide testing for the new coronavirus.

However, due to the time consuming nature, a precise set-up of logistics is necessary, including the division of people for testing at a specific time and reserved places. This was stated for TASR by the central director of the office of the Association of Towns and Municipalities of Slovakia (ZMOS) Michal Kaliňák.

“It also remains questionable how all residents will be addressed, as in cities and municipalities, in addition to permanent residents, there are also those with temporary residence, including students, but also a group of foreign workers, not everyone fulfilling the obligation to register for residence,” Kaliňák noted. .

In addition, according to him, addressing clients in social facilities also remains a technical issue in terms of their permanent or temporary residence in a different self-government compared to the one provided by residential social services.

Kaliňák claims that ZMOS during the first wave of the new coronavirus pandemic was the second most important source of information for local governments after the Office of the Chief Hygienist. “We are also actively continuing to be informed now, as 95 percent of local governments are our members,” he said.

ZMOS wants clear guidelines

He added that ZMOS expects precise, clear and unambiguous guidelines well in advance. It also expects that the setting up of organizational and technical support for testing will take place with the active participation of ZMOS, whose representatives know in detail the application practice and the possibilities of local governments.

“Cities and municipalities organically and technically provide five types of different elections. Each of them is prepared half a year before the voters vote,” said Kaliňák. He added that the local authorities learned that something was being prepared from the press conference.

On Saturday, Prime Minister Igor Matovič (OĽANO) announced that a comprehensive testing of the country’s inhabitants in connection with the COVID-19 disease is being prepared in Slovakia. The government has been preparing for the project for three weeks. It is not yet clear whether testing will be mandatory or voluntary.


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